Another reason I love my job

Hi kelly,
I have just posted what we did for maths this morning on our blog.
I am so excited. I feel like a big kid.
I got heaps of comments from the kids last nights.
There is no stopping me.
Thank you so much

This is the email I received today from a yr3 teacher who earlier this year told me she doesn’t even like using the computer at home to check email.

Yesterday we had a video conference with @mitchsquires and his yr3 class of accomplished bloggers.  We’ve been looking at their blogs for about a term and finally meeting them and hearing their thoughts on blogging has flicked the switch.  So inspired was their teacher that immediately after the VC she went and created a blog and the rest is in the making.

I still get goose bumps reading that email.  Thinking about the looks on the faces of the students during the conference and afterwards when they saw their own class blog, I’m sure there’ll be a few student blogs to share after the holidays.

Thanks to NSW DET for the video conferencing and blogging facilities that helped make this happen and …

Thank you Mitch and The Blog Dogs – you are truly inspirational.


2 thoughts on “Another reason I love my job

  1. Yes, it is amazing. It really highlights to me how important a PLN is – it isn’t just helping me, but the people around me too. I received an email from another teacher at the same school on the first day of the holidays asking about blogging with her class next term too. The ball is really rolling now … great stuff!

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