From kindy to year 1

In a school far far away the classes were doing their annual transition …

Some children, particularly the younger ones, were feeling anxious, some didn’t even want to go to school that day even though they’d had a really good year last year.  Their parents were upbeat, reminding them of all the good and exciting things that were going to happen that day.

At school all the children were gathered up and taken to a big room inside a building.  Their parents hovered outside and, while they were out in the glorious sunshine they were completely in the dark about what was happening inside.  They started to feel some of the anxiety their children had been expressing earlier.

After a while some groups of students came out. Many parents, relieved now to see their childrens happy faces followed them to their new classroom and went off to enjoy their day safe in the knowledge their child was settled and they’d know where to find them in the afternoon.

Slowly, some in groups, some alone, teachers started to come out too.  One was mobbed by the parents of the children they taught last year.  The parents were told, from the teachers memory, which students from their previous class their child was with.  The teacher could not tell them where their childs classroom was, only the teachers name.

The parents set off wandering around the school, some alone, some gathered in groups to try to see where they would need to meet their children in the afternoon.  They discovered classrooms inside the building the children had gone into and waited patiently for the classes to settle so they could see if their children were there, when suddenly a school leader appeared and asked firmly ‘Parents! I must ask you leave this area!’.

Defiantly, some stayed, sneaking glances into the small windows to try to get some kind of reassurance they would be able to find their children in the afternoon. Others, now visibly sick with worry, called to them, is my child in there?

The parents gathered outside the outdoor classrooms discussing their feelings about the morning.

Do you have any postive thoughts on how this could’ve been managed differently?

5 thoughts on “From kindy to year 1

  1. My daughter started year 1 today, all student’s names were called out, class by class, the students lined up and their parents were invited to walk to their new classroom with the students. Simple, easy and stress relieving, everyone happy!

  2. Miss 5 had a great first week at kindy.

    We are happy with our local school. For the first week or so the three teachers and 50+ kids are all together, then they form classes. Our daughter ha two of the three teachers our youngest might get and all 3 are fine teachers. The school treats us well. All is calm and open.

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