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So … today … I got all excited about another community website I’ve been working on and went ahead a created a gmail account for the community group I’m working with and invited it to administer the site so I could give them a login – they already have a site so the dev site needs to be private.

How bummed I was when I logged in with the new account to start taking screenshots and give them instructions when I realised that new accounts don’t have access to the old dashboard! huh!

Surely there is a way – even adding /wp-admin doesn’t work

c’mon wordpress – the new admin is really bad at best, I can work there, but not efficiently and I find it very hard to support. What is so bad about the old dashboard? Is it full of holes or something? The only reason I’m here with WP is because it works so well, its so easy to create something beautiful and give to people and then occasionally support, the old dashboard needed one or two explanations, the new I have to explain to myself before I walk in the room. If I can’t give my new community members the old dashboard I may as well not be here. I will find something else.

Please give me the old dashboard for new users.


3 Steps to loading a PDF in your blog

1) Position the cursor on the page or post where you want the link to appear and click the Add Media button.  It looks like a star on the ‘Upload/Insert’ line

insert media

2) Click on browse and locate the file you want to upload


3) Enter a title (this will be the clickable link), click on ‘File URL’ (so that when the user clicks on it they’ll get the file) and then click ‘Insert into Post’

insert into post

The clickable link (below) is the text that was entered into the title field (above)

clickable link